“Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.”

It’s a vibrant and exciting place to go on holiday, with wonderful coastlines, Spanish colonial cities, pre-Columbian ruins, spectacular national parks and coffee farms. Colombian’s have a zest for life, and the rhythms of salsa and merengue are never far away. Beautiful rural sites like no other, a must for any keen traveller.

Favourite food: Octopus at Capital Micocina

Track of the travel: Summertime – Will Smith

Favourite place: Bazurto Social Club 

Great caribbean vibes and wonderful tasty bar snacks, great to dance the night away!


5 thoughts on “Colombia

  1. Hey, glad you got out of Colombia safely. One of Aussies is languishing in jail there waiting for trial for being adrug mule. She says she’s innocent. You may have heard of her – Cassie. They call her Cancer Cassie now or Cocaine Cassie. Her story is changeing and beginning to sound more and mores suspicious

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      1. She may end up with a 20 year sentence. In prison awaiting trial. Got nabbed at the airport on her way out with 5.8kg cocaine hidden in head phones she bought as wedding presents from an unknown *someone* who delivered them prepacked and put them in her bag. Seriously, who does that ?!

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